Shinji  "Hey"
Rei   "What is it?"
Shinji  "What are dreams?"
Rei  "Dreams?....Yes, dreams"
Shinji   "I don't understand... I don't understand what reality is"
Rei  "You can't bridge the gap between your own truth and the reality of others"
Shinji  "I don't know where to find happiness"
Rei  "So you only find happiness in your dreams"
Shinji  "Then..this is not reality?...This world where no one exists?"
Rei  "No it is only a dream"
Shinji  "Then I don't exist here ither"
Rei  "This convenient fabrication is your attempt to change reality"
Shinji  "Is that wrong?"
Rei  "You are using fantasy to escape reality"
Shinji  "Why can't I dream that I'm alone"
Rei  "That is not a dream that is a substitute for reality"
Shinji  "So where is my dream?"
Rei  "it is a continuation of reality"
Shinji  "But where is my reality"
Rei  "It is at the end of your dream"


From the  movie Neon Genesis Evangelion-End of Evangelion